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B.E 1st Semester Syllabus & Subjects with Subject Codes - Anna University

First Year First Semester Syllabus of Engineering Students For All Branches: Anna University

          No need of worries to find the syllabus copy. Below i have mentioned the current subjects & practical sessions with subject codes. All the papers coming under 1st semester are general and common subjects for all departments like CSE, IT, CIVIL, MECH, Bio-Medical, Bio-Tech, EEE & ECE. Some keywords like Syllabus, subjects and subject codes all u must in need of many conditions during your studies. Syllabus copy helps you choose your correct and favorite topic while studying for exams. You must in need of Syllabus copy before the exam timings. Subject codes helps you to find question papers and to find your subject author's book easily.

As per Ann University Norma 1st Semester for first year engineering students contains 6 Theory Papers and 3 Practical .

Theory Courses for 1st Semester ( Common to CSE, IT, EEE, ECE, CIVIL, MECH, BIO-TECH ):

                     No                      Subject Code                        Subjects

                     1.                          HS2111                         Technical English-1

                     2.                          MA2111                        Mathematics-1
                     3.                          PH2111                         Engineering Physics-1

                     4.                          CY2111                         Engineering Chemistry-I

                     5.                          GE2111                         Engineering Graphics-I

                     6.                          GE2112                         Fundamentals of computing & Programming

Practical Papers for 1st Sem:

                       No                          Course Code                        Courses
                       1.                          GE2115                          Computer Practice Laboratory-I  

                       2.                          GE2116                          Engineering Practices Laboratory 

                       3.                          GE2117                          Physics and Chemistry Laboratory-I

Syllabus for each and every Courses :

Lab Exercises and Syllabus:

3. GE2117 - B.E First year 1st sem syllabus for Physics and Chemistry Laboratory- I by Anna Univ

Go through the above links and note down your syllabus and author names. Go ahead best in your studies and achieve good Ranking. Al the Best !



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